More than just a board


The Swiss Army Knife

It’s one of the most recognizable products found anywhere by everyone.
When researching the Swiss Army Knife, what’s interesting is the fact that more times than not, it’s referred to as a “tool” rather than just a knife.

In 1891, a cutler named Karl Elsener started producing what is now known as the Swiss Army Knife. Mr. Elsener, understanding that soldiers in the Swiss Army faced many different problems each and every day (outside of needing something other than just the standard German knife available), sought to make a product that acted not only as a knife, but as a device that solved other problems that these soldiers might run into.  From opening up bottles and cans, to the need for scissors and tweezers, Mr. Elsener was offering these soldiers solutions to their every day problems in a neat, compact device.

How many of the products that you offer your customers can act as something other than a stick of wood, a piece of plastic trim, or a way to insulate your home from the cold?

What if your customers were offered a piece of wood trim that was something more than just a stick with paint on it?  What if it actually solved problems that they face each and every day?  That your own sales people face each and every day?

WindsorONE, more than Trim Boards and Moldings; the Swiss Army knife that you and your customers have been looking for, the multi-functional problem solving tool they are looking for.